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Breaking the Mystery of How Much Time Weed Takes in a Person’s System

The issue of drugs is one that every public institution such as a company, school or any of the disciplined forces take very seriously. The decision-making aspect of the people using drugs is somehow impaired which is the reason for these stringent measures in these institutions. For a person that has been using drugs and is willing to join any of the above institutions, everything that is in their power to do will be done in order to ensure that their body systems are clean from drugs. One of the drugs that a person will be checked for at any public institutions or company is cannabis. In the mind of a person that is using drugs, there is always one question that comes before one undergoes a drug test. This question that comes to the minds of the users is how long weed lasts in your system.

The use of any product that contains weed leaves a number of substances attached to a person’s body cells. During a drug test, it is these products that will be detected which give a positive for drugs. In almost all marijuana products you are likely to find THC and CBD. Other substances that will be found in minimal amounts in weed include CBC, CBL, CBE and CBND. THC and CBD unlike most of the other substances take a longer time to be cleared from your system.

The amount of time it takes for weed to clear from your system may be dependent on a number of things. One of these things is the amount of time that a person has consumed weed. The contents of weed will attach to the fatty tissues of the body at any one time one consumes it. Going by this, it is true that the longer the time a person consumes weed, the more time is required to clear it from the system.

A daily user of weed will need up to seventy days before weed can be clear of his system. People that use it for five days a week will need up to forty days to be clean. A period of two weeks of weed abstinence will be enough for a person that uses wee for three days a week. In order to pass a drug test, a onetime weed user needs to have abstained for only one week.

The use of detoxification products is something else that will be very crucial in determining the amount of time it will take to rid your system of weed. When a person uses detoxification together with abstinence, their systems are rid of weed faster. Water consumption has also been proven to help a person’s body clear of weed faster.

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