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Information Regarding Variable Message Signs

Nowadays, traditional methods of displaying information are being replaced with modern ones that are considered to be more efficient. For instance, variable message signs (VMS) are a preferred choice for displaying information to all motorists on the road. You are likely to come across them in some common areas such as road shoulders, overhead cantilever structures, and full-span overhead sign bridges. Furthermore, people such as engineers carrying out simple road maintenance works can tow them behind a standard car to display temporary information. They display real-time information that can be altered as wished according to the situation. Therefore, motorists benefit the most since they avoid inconveniences or are able to get ideal travel directions.

Having highlighted different areas or situations where variable message signs can be ideal for use, it is vital that one picks the most suitable according to the situation at hand. This means that there are different types of VMS. In the beginning, the first division of variable message signs is comprised of freeway VMS that are ideal for use on highways. They are large in size for easy visibility since they are best suited for highways where motorists travel at high speeds. To save the motorist time reading the sign, pictograms are used, but must be accompanied by a short and precise message written alphanumerically.

The second type of variable message signs is referred to as Tactical VMS. These signs are generally designed to help motorists understand the core reasons behind lane closures or recommended lower speed limits. Since their message does not require so much attention of the motorists, they are relatively small when compared to freeway VMS.

At last, there are the arterial variable message signs that are best suited for arterial road networks. They require proper positioning since the messages displayed on them often requires motorists to respond to the displayed message. Since the three types of variable message signs are not the exclusive ones in existence, others such as changeable message signs exist though they are exclusively used on short timespans where they are required to inform motorists for a short while after which they are removed.

Other than the type of VMS to hire, a person must know the individual characteristics of each so as to ease the usage process. Powering VMS’s should be a pressing issue as you have to ensure that you are in a position to use the one you hire without having the power getting depleted or expensive to provide; therefore, it is economical to use solar-powered VMS’s. Furthermore, the VMS to hire should be easy to program by allowing users to edit the displayed information via the web, laptop on site, or SMS.

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