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To know if you have an irritable bowel syndrome, take note of symptoms of constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and a bloated feeling. If you have at least a few of those symptoms checked, then you probably have an irritable bowel syndrome. Medical experts do not have a definite conclusion as to what irritable bowel syndrome is. Current researches have suggested that those people with IBS have very sensitive nerve endings in their bowel, that cramps or bloats during stressful situations or right after eating. A problem arising from this issue of IBS is the inability of the pharmaceutical industries to come up with a medicine that works. A relief for IBS exists for those who are looking for one in a long time, a moment of relief indeed. Through these remedies a person who has an irritable bowel syndrome can at least live normally, even when no cure for it exists yet.

You cannot just conclude that you have IBS right then, a first step to identifying it is to identify what food upsets your stomach. List on your notes, every food that causes abdominal pain. After knowing the kinds of food that trigger the symptoms of IBS take them away from the eating table. Never forget to continue listing the food that causes abdominal pain. For someone who finds it difficult to keep himself or herself from eating the foods that trigger the symptoms, limit yourself to at least smaller portions only. You have longed suffered from the IBS symptoms because of eating food that trigger them, trim down on them slowly first so that you can fully stop eating them eventually.

A possible way to relieve yourself of your IBS is to eat multiple smaller meals instead of only eating three meals. By eating several smaller meals, your body does not have hard time digesting the food. If the bloating and diarrhea still persists even after making the dietary adjustments, then you can try an over the counter medication for the said symptoms. If instead of bloating and diarrhea, you have abdominal cramps then you should consult a doctor for an antispasmodic prescription so that it would stop.

IBS and its symptoms are lessened by having a bowel cleanser everyday. A bowel cleanser works by removing from the bowel all those feces and toxins so that the bowel functioning is normalize. There are a lot of bowel cleansers available out there but only buy products with natural ingredients used in its formulation. The bowel cleanser that uses synthetic chemicals can worsen your condition and may trigger cramping and diarrhea.

The irritable bowel syndrome that you have has to stop.

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